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Company Kogast Grosuplje d.d. is the leading manufacturer of professional kitchen technology Kogast in Slovenia.

The company Kogast Grosuplje d.d. was established in 1960 and offers a wide range of quality sales program of professional kitchens equipment Kogast. With quality and a large volume of kitchens equipment Kogast, in thermal and neutral program Kogast, the company manufactures also “custom made” professional kitchens equipment.

The company’s reputation has been built with tradition and enables the customer optimal solutions, quality service in domestic and foreign markets.
The company Kogast Grosuplje d.d. offers several services which are linked to the manufacturing of professional kitchen equipment Kogast:

• Consulting,
• Design of professional kitchen technology,
• Manufacturing professional kitchen equipment Kogast,
• Supplying and assembling,
• Commissioning professional kitchen equipment Kogast,
• Teaching/Education kitchen staff,
• Service,
• Supplying spare parts,
• Preventive examinations of kitchens,

 kogast profesionalna kuhinjska oprema

Technical characteristics of professional kitchen equipment Kogast base on ergonomic shapes, hygiene requirements (HACCP), functionality, reliability, fast service and energy saving.
Professional kitchen equipment Kogast is in gas and electric version including with highly efficient and rapid induction hobs.
Equipment is designed in accordance with the HACCP principles and tested in accordance with EN and IEC standards.

kogast vhodThe Service center of the company Kogast Grosuplje d.d. provides for installation on site, enables high quality 24 hours service and takes care for good relationships among customers and the company. Inside the company, the Service center is well connected with other departments. So, the information from outside can fast reach the right person in the company.

Kogast Grosuplje d.d. devotes a lot of attention to environmental concerns.
Environmental requirements are taken into account at design and during manufacturing of professional kitchen equipment Kogast. The products with environmental solutions are marked with the Green efficiency label - which presents the Elm tree.


Kogast Grosuplje d.d.

Besides being a manufacturer, the company also delivers turn-key-kitchens and plans kitchen technology.


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